Why Don't Traditional Methods Of property Management Work Anymore?

Most simply put, traditional property management systems like spreadsheets require a lot of manual labour to use and keep up to date.

If teams want to run reports and create snapshots of their portfolio management performance, they need to be well trained in how to write formulas within Excel, and make sure that their data collection is accurate. This takes time, unnecessary effort and it removes property management teams from their important, core tasks.

This method just hasn’t kept pace with the way business is conducted today, as organisations across a plethora of industries have adopted cloud-based technology solutions that plug right into their various departments. Innovative accountants, for example, are increasingly adopting cloud-based platforms like Xero to streamline their operations and reduce the labour associated with manual data entry.

The shift to embrace and build a business around technology is growing in popularity across global property management markets, too, where agencies and asset owners alike are moving their data across to software platforms that are built to automate workflows and ultimately make life easier.

Gaudin & Co have invested in new technology to keep up with the many changes happening in Jersey relating to the Property Management sector. and allowing our Property Mangers to allocated more time personally to the Landlord.