Plans submitted for new cycle path in St Clement

Plans have gone in to extend the Eastern Cycle Route in St Clement from the Samares Nurseries Site to the roadside of Rue de Maupertuis

The Planning Application accompanies proposals for a new £47million development of 200 affordable homes from Andium Homes on the former Samares Nurseries site.

As per Planning requirements, Andium Homes had to contribute to the extension of the Eastern Cycle Network.

In the planning application for the Samares Nurseries site, Axis Mason - the architects in charge of the development - wrote: "...the new cycle track is intended to be an asset to the wider community encouraging recreation, social inclusion and community cohesion.

"A route has also been created east to west through the site providing a valued link and extension to the 'Eastern Cycle Network.'"

The path, which will cover 1,880 square metres, will run along part of the site's park and will be framed by planted buffers.


Materials similar to the ones used on St Mary's cycle route will be used. The path will be built on a currently unused strip of land. 

The application for the cycle path includes fencing, landscaping, a ditch to run alongside the track as well as the creation of a safety chicane at the junction with the road.

The new section will provide a further extension to the Eastern Cycle Route network, whose first section, from the boundary between Grouville and St. Martin boundary at Gorey to Ville ès Renauds, was completed in early 2011. It was extended a first time in 2015 along the edge of the Royal Jersey golf course.

Plans for the controversial Samares Nurseries development, which St Clement Constable Len Norman branded a "disaster", were approved by the Planning Committee in June. Overall plans include a financial contribution for additional extra bus services to offset the impact of more increased residency in the area, and an extension to the Eastern Cycle Route, but the Constable maintained that it “won’t make any difference" when the plans were approved.

Meanwhile, Andium Homes officially acquired the land needed for the development in September with work starting shortly after. The first houses could be occupied as early as 2019.