New licensing system for rented accommodation

Tenants and landlords asked how new licensing system for rented accommodation in Jersey should work

Tenants and landlords in Jersey are being asked to give their opinions on how a new licensing system for rented accommodation should work.
It is all part of the wider mission to ensure minimum standards are met.
A voluntary scheme, Rent Safe, is currently used to encourage landlords to meet the minimum standards.
The proposed licensing scheme would be mandatory for all rental properties and would mean that, for the first time, the Government of Jersey would know the location of private rented dwellings in the island.
This information would enable better targeted inspections to ensure properties meet minimum standards and are well-managed.
The purpose of the consultation is to get public feedback on the proposals for introducing this licensing scheme.
It will help ensure minimum standards for the quality of housing provision continue to be met in the private rental market.
We welcome all feedback whether from a landlord, tenant, managing agent or interested member of the public.
Public meetings will be held at St Helier Parish Hall on Tuesday 11 June from 9:30am to 11:00am, and 5:30pm to 7pm.
The consultation can be accessed here, and closes on Friday 28 June.