Everything you need to know before starting a kitchen renovation

A kitchen renovation is a big deal but before you start any work, there are a number of things that you need to know.

The funds are in place, your inspiration is flowing and you’ve been dreaming about your new kitchen for months, maybe even years. Yet, stop what you’re doing! Before you start to rip out your existing cupboards, pull up the old floorboards or paint over that awful wall colour, there are a number of things that anyone doing a kitchen renovation project needs to know.

Your budget will change

Before starting any renovation project it is crucial to create a budget and attempt to stick to it. When it comes to renovations, shopping around is the best option – from furniture, décor accessories and even builders. The internet is a powerful tool and we can now look for cheaper alternatives from the comfort of our own home. Use this to your advantage.

Things will go wrong

The sooner you realise and accept that things will go wrong, the better your renovation will go. That’s not to say that you should let mistakes pass by but instead be prepared. Delivery times will most likely get missed and unfortunately you’ll find that the wrong pieces turn up or some items may even be broken. The trick is to be prepared and remember that your deadline date will probably be pushed back too.

Updated items will be released

Unfortunately a few weeks after your sparkly new kitchen has been installed, there will be a newer and even sparklier kitchen in the showroom. This is the way of life so just remember that as long as you are happy with your new room, then that is all that matters.

Hold on to things that already work to cut costs

Renovation projects can be costly however you can limit the amount you spend by keeping things that were already there. Consider keeping the original windows, wooden floorboards and plumbing in order to cut costs. In addition to this, if you are happy with your kitchen layout then replace cupboard doors instead of entire cabinets.

It is crucial to keep your kitchen functional

Design can sometimes take over but remember that your kitchen is a space for the whole family to enjoy and is often described as the heart of the home. Keep the area practical – an integrated seating area is always popular idea for those looking to combine functionality and design.

Asking for help doesn’t mean you have failed

We all dream of being able to complete our home renovations quickly and on the cheap but the reality is that sometimes you have to get the experts in!

Whilst it may cause upheaval at the time, once your renovation has been completed you’ll have a brand new kitchen to enjoy and it’s likely that you will have also increased your property’s worth. Here to a successful renovation project!

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