Don’t wait until the New Year to tick moving home off your resolutions!

Christmas is approaching fast. Sometimes it seems like a whole year can go by in the blink of an eye and if you’ve been wanting to move home and still haven’t made any progress it can be a little disheartening.

But just because Christmas and the New Year are approaching that doesn’t mean it’s too late! You can still find and move into your new home before 2019. You’ll have to act quickly but it can be done and moving in the winter even brings its own benefits.
The benefit of winter being slightly less busy for the housing market than Autumn or Spring is less competition and possibly even lower prices so you could easily grab yourself a bargain, while dealing with more serious buyers for your own sale.
To help you deal with some of these worries and possible doubts below I’ve outlined my own FAQ to help you. If you keep putting off your move you might never get it done so even if you have worries let me help you finally get them sorted.
There Are No Removal Companies
Getting a moving company to help you move your belongings shouldn’t be difficult in winter as long as you don’t plan to move in on Christmas Day or New Year’s Day. And remember, you can always move your belongings yourself if you have a vehicle or you could ask a friend or relative to help you. In short, don’t let something like this put you off because it’s a problem that is easy to deal with.
Winter Is A Bad Time To Move
While some people note it as a bad time to move, this isn’t really the case. It’s better to say winter is a more unusual time to move and this doesn’t make it a bad time, just different with its own benefits.
It means there are a few things to be aware of when it comes to moving in the winter, for example, you’ll need to dress up warmly when moving your belongings and ensure moving boxes are better protected from the colder temperatures.
But when it comes to viewing houses things could actually be easier because there will be less competition and it will be quieter, which means finding the time to attend a viewing will be much easier.
It Could Interfere With Christmas 
Will moving in the winter have an effect on Christmas? Not if you don’t let it. You just need to be a little more organised, and plan around it. You can still enjoy Christmas and New Year once you’re all moved!
I Won’t Have Enough Time To Search
Again, it’s all about being organised.  If you’re positive about it, plan it in your schedule and get searching, you might be surprised by what you could find. There are busy schedules year round and excuses not to start your search, but today is always the best time.
I Would Be Better Just Waiting
You really need to be honest with yourself when it comes to this one. If you’ve been wanting to move for a while and still haven’t found the time, it’s likely you won’t find it next year either.  
No one is saying you should take a property you don’t like just to tick moving house off your list but if you can’t make any progress after so much time has passed then you need to re-think whether moving is something you actually want. If you do still want to move, then now is as good as time as any to get it done.
So, don’t let these doubts or concerns stop you from finding your new home and moving in before the year is over. If you’ve been eyeing a property for a while and the only thing stopping you is the belief that it would be better to wait for 2019 to move, you could be making a big mistake.
Moving house is a big decision as I’m sure you already know but sometimes it’s better to just go for it and even though the year is almost up, there is still time left to get it done!