Doing some DIY this weekend? Take a look at this advice...

If you’re more of a DIY dodger than a DIY doer, take a look at this simple advice and note when the right time to call the professionals in is.

DIY. Often beginning with the age-old question of ‘how hard can it be’ and resulting in multiple disputes and often more problems than you started with. We’re all guilty of getting carried away with something, presuming we have the ability to complete it but then realising we can’t. Truth is – experiences are a learning curve so we’ve looked at the most common jobs that often need completing around the house with some top advice of when to call the professionals in.

Painting and decorating – People usually wrongly assume that painting is easy and as such can be done by anyone. A good decorator will spend a lot of time sanding and filing, which will then show in the quality of the finish. If you want a professional look then it is often better to get someone with experience. Painting round light switches and doorframes is never as easy as it looks.

Putting up shelves – Contrary to popular belief, you shouldn’t need a helping hand when it comes to this simple task. Before drilling, hammering or putting a screw into a wall, be sure you’ve checked what’s behind it with a pipe, cable and stud detector. Once you have a pencil, wall bracket, drill, spirit level, screws and wall plugs you’re all set to go. There are various guides online if you do need some help.

Interior design – Unless you have a natural flair for all things style and creativity then again hiring an interior design firm is often the best option. However if you prefer to give it a go yourself them invest in interior magazines, create an online mood board and invest in fabric, material and colour swatches before deciding on anything! You’ll be surprised at how different items look in your own home away from showroom lights.

Maintaining the garden – We all like to think that we’re green fingered – I mean how hard can it be? The reality is, is that as soon as it hits winter, pottering in the garden is at the bottom of our to-do list yet it still needs done. This is one job for the professionals no matter how small or large your space.

Fixing a light – If you are simply fixing a light bulb then this is definitely a job for yourself. Likewise if you are fixing the lighting electrics then most fixtures are easy and can be done yourself.

Stripping wallpaper – Most people will be able to strip wall paper – even if a professional was to do it, there would be some damage to the walls. It can be a very boring and long task but save yourself a bit of money and get the steamer going!

Removing walls – This is a job for the experts. You never know what could happen, unless it is a hollow wall, and you also need to be careful of other structures, wiring and pipework.

Removing tiles or floorboards – As long as you have the correct protective clothing and equipment, you can have a go at this job yourself. Just remember there is no shame in asking for some help.

It is important to bear in mind that a lot of DIY tasks are laborious and relatively unskilled tasks so are perfect for DIYers to try their hand at – however if it seems like a big project or you don’t know where to start, enlist some help as some of the more challenging jobs can result in bigger bills in the long run.

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