Better Together

Why we've achieved so much more success as a team rather than with individual commissions.

We’ve proud to do things a little bit different at Gaudin & Co. All our staff are salaried, and no one receives an individual commission. Instead, the sales staff pool their commission as a team.
This is a little different to how things are normally done, and we find our way creates a better service for our customers, and a better time for our team. Here’s why we do it:
The more eyes on a task, the better. Working as a team means the standard of service is better, and happens faster. Everyone has different skills, specialises in different areas, and can make different contributions to the task – by utilising every skill instead of just one, the combined outcome is always better.  
It also has the added benefit of bringing us together within the business. We all help each other which makes our job infinitely better.
Everyone is held accountable
As part of a team, there’s no room for laziness. Everyone knows what everyone else is doing, and if someone is dragging their heels, it would be apparent immediately. Because of this, we know everyone in our team is hardworking, great at what they do, and will get the job done. That means peace of mind for us, and for you.
You are never alone
If you had an individual handling your sale, and that person gets sick or goes on holiday, it would usually mean you have no one to talk to about your progress or concerns, and everything would be held up. Likely, your case would be temporarily handed off to someone else who has no idea where you’re at or what you’re doing.
As a team, everyone knows your sale, and everything is done as a team, meaning if one person takes a day off, progress is still taking place, and you’ve always got someone to contact.
Teammates can bounce ideas off each other
Creativity comes when ideas are spoken out loud. If you want the BEST ideas for marketing, promotions, sales, you need to have a get-together and brainstorm! We’re known for our creativity and this comes from working as a team!
The marketing of prime Jersey property is something in which we pride ourselves. We have the widest range of any Jersey estate agency so once your property is registered we can ensure that it is seen by the maximum number of people.
This emphasis and commitment to working as a coherent, aligned team has ensured a steady flow of satisfied buyers and vendors, landlords and tenants, as well as a working environment whereby everyone is pushing forward with the same goals.
We’re proud to be different!