Arming landlords with the information they need

Making sure our landlords are never in the dark about their tenants, finances, and law compliance.

Recently it can feel like everything is changing for landlords in Jersey. There’s always new legislation and regulations coming out, and it’s hard to stay on top of the costs, extras, tenant needs, and related finances. We know many landlords struggle to keep up, so we’ve committed ourselves to offering more knowledge to our landlords than ever before.
New legislation and regulations
As a landlord, it is not quite as simple as owning a property and renting it out to a tenant. There are certain legal and practical elements that need to be applied and the rights and responsibilities of both tenants and landlords have been codified into the Residential Tenancy (Jersey) Law. There are also new laws coming in all time.
At Gaudin & Co, we have a dedicated team available to not only talk you through how we can help you stay compliant throughout the tenancy, but also constantly updating ourselves on the latest changes, so our landlords know that nothing will ever slip through the cracks.
This starts not from the beginning of the tenancy, but from preparing your home to rent, all the checks and preparations before a tenant moves in, getting together contracts, deposits, and moving in day information, and then throughout the tenancy (sorting any legal issues along the way) and finally the end of tenancy and moving out documents, including giving back the held deposit.
Keeping up to date with your tenant
While someone in residing in your property, we believe you should know exactly who they are, and how they’re getting on. Our IT system allows you to log in and see your tenancy information – including maintenance logs, statements, viewings (and feedback), inspection reports, and the latest marketing statistics.
Not only does this mean you can have peace of mind about the occupant of your property, but that all issues get dealt with in a timely manner.
Financial information
Not only should you be in the know and up to date with your tenant, but also with your finances. Get monthly statements on our system, which breaks down for you any maintenance costs, your costs, and your profit. For landlords with a portfolio of several properties, we can find this to be worth its weight in gold.
Don’t remain in the dark – arm yourself with the best knowledge to really get the most out of being a landlord as possible, as well as keeping peace of mind that your property and your tenant is being taken care of without any hassle or time taken from your day.