A wonderful working space

With more and more people opting to work from home, why not create a motivating and inspiring office area with a little help from Crown Imperial?

A recent survey revealed home working is up by a fifth compared to a decade ago, so whether you currently abide by these statistics or fancy trying it out, now is the perfect time to refresh your spare room into a sleek and organised office. This February, get those creative juices flowing with a brand new and on-trend space.

Leading British manufacturer Crown Imperial offer a choice of stylish storage and home office solutions, its versatile Lifespace furniture collection is ideal for the entire home.  Create an elegant office space with Crown's modern classic Midsomer, pictured here in painted pure cream oak paired with the Textura collection. Sleek modular shelving is styled in Textura sand oak, offering open and closed units to hide away office clutter and still have essentials close at hand. The wide desk area offers an ample work space and below organised interior storage, finished with discreet brushed aluminium shadow handles to complete the look.

Where space is a premium, multi-functional rooms are increasingly popular, consider adding a desk area to your bedroom to create a dedicated workspace. Loft conversions are also an ideal location for home offices, so look for flexible furniture configurations to achieve a work life balance.

Maximise every inch of your office zone by using the floor to ceiling space, tiered and reduced depth shelves help achieve a spacious look. Mix and match open and closed units for a design-led feel, coupled with the practicalities of concealing files and easy access to daily office essentials.

When it comes to walls, neutral colours are advised. Creating a calm and relaxing atmosphere is ideal as bold, brash shades such as red, green and black may irritate your creativity. In addition to this, it is crucial to have a comfortable chair and efficient lighting. Try having your desk looking out onto the garden or consider moving your work area away from loud noises. 

Crown Imperial offer a complete living solution and consumers have access to the same 'colour palette' across the entire Crown furniture collection to create a seamless look. Over 200 different styles, finishes and colours to organise any room within the home.

For more information head to www.crown-imperial.co.uk  Telephone - 01227 742424