7,000 new homes – the equivalent of building a small town – needed in Jersey in next decade, says report

A TOTAL of 7,000 new homes – equivalent to adding an entire new small town – will be needed in Jersey in the next decade, a report into projected housing needs has concluded.

An independent report into the island's housing need has been published.
It looks at recent trends in migration to the island and provides an estimate.
Based on the continuing trend of 1,000 inward migration per year, the report concludes that 6,700 homes will be needed by 2030, plus 250 for key worker accommodation.
The findings will be used to make policy decisions about exactly how many and what type of home is required:
The report emphasises that the additional demand would not all be met by new-builds.
It highlights how Jersey should consider how we make best use of the existing housing stock, including bringing vacant homes back into use, tackling under-occupation and the provision of key worker accommodation.
The Housing Need Report will also help prepare the next Island Plan to be considered by the States in 2021.